Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year ringing in New Products...

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Holiday!

With the New Year approaching, we Glamsquad Designers
have new products brewing that we are excited to launch on
January 13th!

As it is, Glamsquad has so many girly, trendy products available
but we can't let it stop at that! Just wait till you see what you will
discover in a few weeks.

Mark your calendars to be the first to SHOP our new products first!

Monday, July 28, 2008

1- Tell us about yourself (family, interests, other talents...)
As you know I'm Carol :-) I live in the central coast of CA in Santa Maria. It's right between San Francisco and Los Angeles. My wonderful DH and I will be sharing our 18th wedding anniversary together Aug. 4th. I have two awesome kids, Heather 16, Devin almost 13 and the family dog, Sierra who is an American Eskimo bread. We love doing family outings, such as taking our boat out and watch the kids wakeboard and water ski. We also go camping at least two times a year. I have an identical twin sister who lives about an hour away. We are very close and get together quite a bit. Although she doesn't have kids of her own, she and her DH love seeing my kids and my kids love their auntie and uncle.
2- What or who inspires you?
Of course my kids inspire me in many ways, but as far as my graphic design work or sewing...I'm a very visual person, so when I see something I'll make a note of it. For example for my birthday my MIL gave me a gift in a pretty gift bag. I was inspired to create an auction template similar to it.
3- What is your favorite item (or type of item) to create?
I love creating graphic design work, but once in a while I will get the urge to go into my huge fabric stash, pull out some fabric and sew something.
4- How did you get started?
I've been sewing since I was young. My mother taught me how and I loved it. My sister and I would make our own clothes throughout the years. When my DD was born, I would sew her outfits. I had so much fun creating that I started selling applique dresses and shorts and tee sets at craft shows. With the birth of my son, I was too busy and did not sew as much. Some years had gone by and I was cleaning out the closet. I came across the outfits that I did not sell at the craft show. I started looking on eBay to see what was selling and if I could sell those items. Wow, I was blown away by all the boutique clothes, embellished overalls, etc. I had to start sewing again :)
5- Where do you see yourself with your business in the future?
That's a good questions, LOL. Right now, most my sales are from eBay. I do get a few sales from my web site. But, I the future, I would like to have it such that most my sales are coming from my web site and I do not have to deal with eBay.
Thanks! Carol

Tuesday, July 1, 2008



We at Glamsquad are often tickled by our featured designer Rachael, owner of the fabulous Bowcrazybowtique!

Why are we tickled you ask? Let's just say that Whoopi & Ellen better
look out, because "heeeeeere comes Rachael!!!!!"

We recently interviewed Rachael to learn more about her :)
(GSB) 1- Tell us about yourself (family, interests, other talents...)
(Rachael) Oh gosh, I hate having to talk about myself! I never know where to begin! LOL Okay, here's a quick life story! I have always loved hairbows! When I was little I wanted to wear them everyday, but my Mom wasn't the hairbow type. I remember I went to school with another little girl who always wore hairbows and I found out her mom made them for her. I had my mom ask her to make some for me and she did! I was thrilled!
I married young and wanted a family right away, but I kept having miscarriages. My husband and I decided to become foster parents and adopted our first child and son, Destyn. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/RSHAW000/IMG_9647.jpg
After five years of trying and one loss after another, I finally gave birth to a PERFECT baby girl, miss Tessa! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/RSHAW000/5monthsoldfavorite.jpg
I could not wait to get a bow on her cute little head and she's been wearing bows ever since. Almost 3 years later, we were blessed again with another little girl! Her name is Samara and she too does not leave the house without a hairbow.

(GSB) 2- What or who inspires you?
(Rachael) As a SAHM, I was on a limited income and I could not afford to pay boutique prices for hairbows. I decided to try and so, I decided to start making them on my own. I do try to be on the cheaper side when I sell hairbows. This is more of a hobby for me and not so much about the money. I want to make it affordable for other moms to buy hairbows for their daughters.

(GSB) 3- What is your favorite item (or type of item) to create?

(Rachael) My favorite item to create is the two color topper boutique bows! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/RSHAW000/IMG_9367.jpg

(GSB) 4- How did you get started?

(Rachael) I started making hairbows when Tessa was about two. I just sat down with ribbon, wire and a glue gun and started playing.

(GSB) 5- Where do you see yourself with your business in the future?

(Rachael) I hope to continue to improve and become a better bow maker. Bow making for me has never really been about making money; it's something I really enjoy doing and I love knowing that there are little girls from all over wearing the bows I make. I recently was sent pics of a little girl wearing my bows in India! I love what I do and hope I can continue doing it in the future.

Congratulations Rachael!

We LOVE you here at Glamsquad & thank you for keeping our tummy muscles worked from all the giggles that you create!!! Where can you find Rachaels bowtique bows? Why on ebay of course! Click the link below:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Calling all Guests...

The gals of Glamsquad are getting ready to "Glam-it-up" on BROADWAY!

Opening night of this special Guest Launch is

July 29th-

I wonder if we will see any red headed orphans? Or maybe a mysterious Phantom? Could there be any sneaky Cats leaping about?

You will just have to wait and see!

Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter for upcoming news about this exciting week on Broadway and other Glamsquad surprises!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Let's say your little one is NOT so girly.....

Well then, you trust the designers at Glamsquad to take away all the frills!

Glamsquad has teamed up to compliment
your little Tomboy.
Enjoy our fresh summer theme including:
Red White & Blue
Search "Glamsquad Tomboy"
June 5th - 15th

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do you believe in magic?

Check out some of these magical designs here as Glamsquad sets out on a Forest Pixie Hunt!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Join us on our Pixie Hunt!

Search Glamsquad this week to join us on this magical launch!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

GlamSquad tops off the group

Glamsquad's so excited to top off our group with three AWESOME designers who's creations are just what she needs to top off her Spring wardrobe!!

Meet Tanya of XOXOtova,

Erin of Fairy Tails Bowtique,

And Heidi of Emma Saxton.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So you think you can Match?

Check out our Glamorous Guests on Ebay as our guest launch, "So you think you can Match?" wraps up this week! Glamsquad members have teamed up with some of our favorite designers to create matching accessories to top off these boutiquer's amazing creations!!

Win a Glam Gift Card!

Glamsquad is excited to be giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky winner, redeemable for accessories by any Glamsquad member! To be entered to win, sign up for the Glamsquad newsletter on this page by March 28th. Then, let us complete her look with accessories of your choice, making your little star glamorous from head to toe!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

GlamSquad keeps Growing!

Glamsquad is so excited to welcome two more AWESOME talents to our list of designers!!

Kathy of Pixie Dust Studio is an amazing artist offering children's art on canvas & special wooden totes your little one is sure to treasure!! Just perfect for gifts!

And for all your graphic design needs, check out the adorable templates, logos and more made by Carol of Tic Tac Togs!! Welcome to you both!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

And our winner is.....

Congrats to Pennipoo, the lucky winner of a Glamsquad Easter Basket stuffed full of fun hair bows, fabulous clippies & hair poms! All high bidders on Glamsquad's A Tisket, A Tasket Easter Launch auctions were entered into the drawing to win. More customer promotions coming soon! Sign up for the Glamsquad Mailing list below to stay current!

GlamourBling is Back!

We're so excited to share designer April, of Glamourbling, has recently returned to Ebay and has chosen to join the ranks of Glamsquad!! Be sure to check out her GORGEOUS jeweled headbands and hair gems!! They're so fun & sassy, perfect for big & small girls alike!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Glamsqaud welcomes Creme*de*la*Gems!


Glamsquad is so excited to welcome Tracy of Creme*de*la*Gems to our list of designers! Definitely the creme de la creme in our book, Tracy offers amazing jewels made with polymer clay beads she crafts herself. Working with a passion and a desire to bring perfection to her work, she says, in the Boutique World, every child deserves the best!

Search Glamsquad on Ebay to find la Creme*de*la*Gems!

Monday, January 21, 2008

A tisket, a tasket, Win a Glamorous Basket!

The Glam girls have gotten together to bring you this FAB Easter basket full of goodies!

Be the highest bidder on any Glamsquad Easter auction (with the rule sheet in it!) & you'll be entered to win! We will draw the name of one of those high bidders on February 1st. Our auctions will run through January 31st ~ so get those bids in!!

Best of luck & Happy bidding!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Search Glamsquad

Whether you're looking for hair bows, gorgeous jewels, fun clippies, darling headbands, funky hats or other goodies... Glamsquad has you covered!