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We at Glamsquad are often tickled by our featured designer Rachael, owner of the fabulous Bowcrazybowtique!

Why are we tickled you ask? Let's just say that Whoopi & Ellen better
look out, because "heeeeeere comes Rachael!!!!!"

We recently interviewed Rachael to learn more about her :)
(GSB) 1- Tell us about yourself (family, interests, other talents...)
(Rachael) Oh gosh, I hate having to talk about myself! I never know where to begin! LOL Okay, here's a quick life story! I have always loved hairbows! When I was little I wanted to wear them everyday, but my Mom wasn't the hairbow type. I remember I went to school with another little girl who always wore hairbows and I found out her mom made them for her. I had my mom ask her to make some for me and she did! I was thrilled!
I married young and wanted a family right away, but I kept having miscarriages. My husband and I decided to become foster parents and adopted our first child and son, Destyn. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/RSHAW000/IMG_9647.jpg
After five years of trying and one loss after another, I finally gave birth to a PERFECT baby girl, miss Tessa! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/RSHAW000/5monthsoldfavorite.jpg
I could not wait to get a bow on her cute little head and she's been wearing bows ever since. Almost 3 years later, we were blessed again with another little girl! Her name is Samara and she too does not leave the house without a hairbow.

(GSB) 2- What or who inspires you?
(Rachael) As a SAHM, I was on a limited income and I could not afford to pay boutique prices for hairbows. I decided to try and so, I decided to start making them on my own. I do try to be on the cheaper side when I sell hairbows. This is more of a hobby for me and not so much about the money. I want to make it affordable for other moms to buy hairbows for their daughters.

(GSB) 3- What is your favorite item (or type of item) to create?

(Rachael) My favorite item to create is the two color topper boutique bows! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/RSHAW000/IMG_9367.jpg

(GSB) 4- How did you get started?

(Rachael) I started making hairbows when Tessa was about two. I just sat down with ribbon, wire and a glue gun and started playing.

(GSB) 5- Where do you see yourself with your business in the future?

(Rachael) I hope to continue to improve and become a better bow maker. Bow making for me has never really been about making money; it's something I really enjoy doing and I love knowing that there are little girls from all over wearing the bows I make. I recently was sent pics of a little girl wearing my bows in India! I love what I do and hope I can continue doing it in the future.

Congratulations Rachael!

We LOVE you here at Glamsquad & thank you for keeping our tummy muscles worked from all the giggles that you create!!! Where can you find Rachaels bowtique bows? Why on ebay of course! Click the link below:

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